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Easy to use, multi-user software to track build progress, programme dates, variations & income values over multiple sites.

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Take control of your housing site contracts with easy to use, purpose-built software, made for house building subcontractors by housing professionals.

Access anywhere

With remote valuations you understand, in real-time, the value of your contracts as each site progresses. Then create hassle-free invoices in an instant.


Take advantage of automatically generated client and contract related statistics to make better decisions for your business.


Multi-user access with content-restricted roles means your site supervisor can update build progress on-site. You'll see the changes instantly wherever you are.

Build programme insight

Take control of programmed targets with stage-specific actual completion date comparisons, photos and supporting notes.


Confidently accept variation works that are correctly instructed and automatically included in your next invoice.

Early user feedback

"The ability for my foreman to remotely record stage completions on site means hours saved when preparing invoices"

"Having completion dates compared to the programme dates automatically will be perfect for my weekly progress meetings"

"Not having to worry about invoices is life-changing; it'll save us hours every month"

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